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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Wild Bunch.

Here are some photo's of the 2 yr old geldings at the April 27th BLM adoption just out side of Odessa. All the horses in this pen were from Beaty's Butte Oregon. Of the 22 horses there that day only 2 were adopted.



Wildairo makes eye contact with me for the first time and I think he gave me the evil eye. He and his chestnut friend were the class bullies I think. Behind him you can see his friend mauling the poor guy who's trying to relaxe.


Here's a better view of the chestnut bugging the other horse. Look what he's doing with his hoof!

The wild bunch


Linda said...

Hi. I found your blog through Nikki's blog. I adopted a mustang in Spokane, WA--which is also from the Beaty's Butte herd. I know they ran out of water, but do you know any more about the round up? I am in contact with one of the BLM volunteers if you would like her information. Was your boy rounded up on August 4? My filly is a yearling--I have pictures of her on my blog. We haven't got as far with her in a week as you did--but she is very sweet. I'll keep up with your blog--so keep posting! Thanks! Linda

arlene said...

Hi Linda,
Your filly is a little doll! I bet my boy had his eye on her.
Thanks for posting the message from Debby. The only information I had about the area or the round up came from BLM's Burns web site. I wonder how many horses they caught and will any be taken back if they took them all?
According to the papers I have, my horses was captured on August 3rd 2007The capture area is OR002 in Hines OR. He was gelded in December.
I'm trying to the best I with Wildairo from the other side of the fence. He seems to be trying very hard to be a good boy and learn the ways of the human. Did your filly try to kick or bite you? My colt was really standing his ground for the first few days. He still notices distant sounds and will sniff the breeze when it blows. It's such an honor to have one of these wild horses! I'll keep reading your blog too.