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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wildairo is Horsesome

Wildairo and I made a lot of progress today. I want to get him ready to have his halter taken off and put back on and being tied. He was nervous about his neck being touched but today he decided he was ok with anything I did. I held onto the lead rope and made him aware of being restrained. No longer could he go and come as he pleased. He was great! I held him close to his head and rubbed his neck and throat area till he settled down and enjoyed it. And he really enjoyed it, he wiggled all over with glee with his top lip going a mile a minute!

Holding him close to the gate I massaged his forelegs. I even picked up his hoof. Oh I wish I had my pick with me because his hooves are just packed with stuff. After awhile he gently pulled back and I had to let his foot go. Right after he got his hoof back he decided I was really ok and leaned along side the gate so I could put both my arms around his neck for a cuddle.

Just a little tug on the lead rope and he steps up to me. I'm wondering if this boy isn't a fully tamed horse that got in with the mustangs by mistake. lol. But then I remember those first few days when he acted like wanted to kill me. In those first days he would bite the brush when I groomed him. I'd give him one stroke with the brush and he'd give it one bite and that's how we went along until I had enough and told him "NO".

Wildairo is truly horsesome!

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