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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wildairo gets naked

I was having a great deal of pain today and didn't go to see Wildairo till after lunch. He was fed hay by Brad about 8am.
His halter was pulled over one ear and he looked like a drunken sailor. He loves to have that one ear rubbed so maybe when I was late he decided to rub it himself on something. I was afraid it would come over his other ear and so I unbuckled it and took it off.


I put a rope around his neck and put his nose in the noseband but I couldn't put it the rest of the way on from my side of the gate. I waited till Brad came home. I thought it would be easy to get it back on but we couldn't. The wind was blowing hard and he wasn't used to having two people messing about with him. I worked with him to get him used to being restrained and putting his nose through the nose band, but that's as far as we got. I held him with a rope around his neck and Brad tried to get the halter on. Soon as Brad tried to get the halter behind his ears he's step back out of reach.

We'll figure something out. At least I can hold him with a rope.

He didn't call for the herd when they headed up the hill on their way out for the night. He saw them go then came over to me for a back rub. I think he has figured out they always come home in the morning.

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