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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Message for Andrea.

Hi Andrea,

I'm really disappointed the sorrel didn't find a home. He was a real crowd pleaser at Odessa. Wildairo was really bonded with him. My records show they were captured together. I was wondering if they were together would they be so bonded they would be harder to train or would they in fact be better and feel more secure out on the trail?I feel so sorry for Wildairo because the cattle and my Morgan come in for water, chew their cud and leave again. He calls and calls. Last night I went to him with grain and carrots and sat with him in the dark. I know he's unhappy alone and it's not natural for him.

As I write this I've decided to TRY to get the sorrel for Wildairo. My darling morgan is 22, I've had him for 20 years and he won't be around for ever. If Wildairo and 'the horse with no name' were together they could be stay that way for the rest of their lives. We have hundreds of acres of sage brush and it would be just like home for them.

How do I contact that nice lady that was at both adoptions? I don't know her name. We are almost out of hay till we can put up our first cutting. We have no wild horse approved trailer. When we adopted Wildairo the BLM guys brought him home for us because we live in Odessa and it was a real short haul for them.

The smokey black came up to me too. When he was at the Odessa adoption he was affectionate with a little girl. He's begging someone to love him and adopt him! That big bay with white socks I think may be was the 5 yr old that was being gentled saturday afternoon.

In my first blog there are photos of the sorrel 'horse with no name' with Wildairo at the Odessa adoption event.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

If you want to get him, I'm all for it! I think they will be happier together. A lot of people don't like to get more than one at a time, or they will pen them separately, because they want the horse to bond with them, and not the other horse. They also don't want them hiding behind each other. It will change the dynamic. If you're struggling at all with gentling it may not be a good idea. But it sounds like you've already made so much progress, it should be fine. Your pens look like they'd make it easy to separate the two if you need to as well.

For the trailer... I wonder if Lea and Bob Williams would haul for you. I know they'll be at the Pasco adoption with their trailer, and they live in Medical lake, so it wouldn't be as far out of the way for them to haul as it would for me. I'll ask Lea about it.

I think Ramona must be the one you were thinking of, she's blonde and really nice. I thought I had her email address but I can't find it. I guess just give them a call. Here's the Burns corral number as listed on the national site: (541) 573-4456/4439. They can probably bring him up to Pasco for you to adopt next month.

In case you don't have it, your horse's tag number is 7941. They'll need that.

The girl who was loving my smoky black at Odessa may get to adopt him at Pasco. Her mom is really wanting to adopt him but her husband is digging in his heels. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! He's going to be a good horse, and they're very nice people.

Good luck with your sorrel boy if you decide to adopt! I'll let you know if I can figure out a way to get him home to you.

arlene said...

Thanks so much Andrea for your help,
I'm going to discuss it some more with my husband. Right now he's all for it.

I'd keep them in different pens till they both can be caught and behave themselves.

I was just out there with Wildairo and he was backed up to the gate and letting me brush out his tail and run my hands all over his hocks and down to his fetlocks. He is a different horse though when I touch his neck or throat. He is ready to bite because he simply doesn't trust people in that area. He'll get over it but I still think it's odd. He loves his face petted and his ears rubbed and horse are usually touchy about that.

I'll make sure we can handle two mustangs then I'll call down to Burns to set thing's up. Thanks again for offering your help, I think we'll really need help with the hauling.

I'm so glad that cute friendly horse may get to go home with that little girl.