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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wildairo is moved to bigger pen.

While still in his small pen Wildairo ran into a spot of bother. A plastic bag blew into his pen. I was trying to fish it out with a pole he beat me to it and grabbed it in his teeth. That is when the plastic bag attacked him! No matter how Wildairo tried to shake it off or danced backwards into the fences, the bag gripped onto the end of his nose. I was at a loss on how to rescue him because I'm unable to walk to go into the pen and I wouldn't have anyway because he was going berserk. Once a pile of hay was tossed in the pen and Wildairo opened his mouth to eat and the bag let go of his nose and I was able to fish it out of the pen before the silly boy grabbed it again.

Here are some pictures of Wildairo's move to the bigger corral. He was very reluctant to leave the smaller pen. He discovered some grass in the alley way and stopped for a snack. I put a drag rope on him in case of trouble but he was very well behaved.








After he did a little jig and got used to his new pen I called him over and took off his lead rope. Wildairo has got used to the fact I can't go in his pen because of my crutches, so he comes over the gate and turns towards me any part of his body he wants scratched. Sometimes he gently backs up to me till his bum is pressed up against the gate and lets me give him a real good back 'n bum rubbing. I feel safe from any hoofing he might give me because of the gate. He hasn't lifted up his hoof to give me a warning since the first few days. It will be interesting to see how he acts when I can finally walk again and go in the pen with him.

We went to the Ride the West horse expo in Spokane on May 17th. We went over to take a look at the BLM wild horses that were up for adoption. Wildairo's best buddy was there. A very well put together 2 yr old sorrel gelding with a white blaze and one white hind foot, #7941. I felt so bad because his friend looked so sad without him and I know Wildairo wonders where his friend he is. They were captured together as yearlings. I would love to know if he was adopted and where he went.

We enjoyed the wild horse gentling demo by Susan Kirk. Because of my current inablity to walk I have been doing my own form of gentling and it's working really well. My wild horse has to come to me and stand at the gate while I rub and poke him with a pole and tie scary thing's to my whip to annoy him with. I tried to stick the pole through a fence to show my 22 yr old morgan how modern horses are tamed and he wanted nothing to do with it and left for greener pastures. I'm so looking forward to walking into the pen with Wildairo.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Wildairo sounds like such a good boy! You're doing really well with him.

The sorrel didn't get adopted. The big black in that pen did, but the other three went back to burns. The smaller smoky-black one there is my favorite. He nuzzled me and made me call my husband and ask if I could at least bring him home and gentle him for the Pasco adoption, but the price of diesel kind of ruled that out...

Sorry I missed you at the adoption! I was probably wandering around inside the expo area.

arlene said...

Hi Andrea,
I'm really disappointed the sorrel didn't find a home. He was a real crowd pleaser at Odessa. Wildairo was really bonded with him. My records show they were captured together. I was wondering if they were together would they be so bonded they would be harder to train or would they in fact be better and feel more secure out on the trail?

I feel so sorry for Wildairo because the cattle and my Morgan come in for water, chew their cud and leave again. He calls and calls. Last night I went to him with grain and carrots and sat with him in the dark. I know he's unhappy alone and it's not natural for him.

As I write this I've decided to try to get the sorrel for Wildairo. My darling morgan is 22, I've had him for 20 years and he won't be around for ever. If Wildairo and 'the horse with no name' were together they could be stay that way for the rest of their lives. We have hundreds of acres of sage brush and it would be just like home for them.

How do I contact that nice lady that was at both adoptions? I don't know her name. We are almost out of hay till we can put up our first cutting. We have no wild horse approved trailer. When we adopted Wildairo the BLM guys brought him home for us because we live in Odessa and it was a real short haul for them.

The smokey black came up to me too. When he was at the Odessa adoption he was affectionate with a little girl. He's begging someone to love him and adopt him!

That big bay with white socks I think may be was the 5 yr old that was being gentled saturday afternoon.

nikki said...

Hello! I came across your blog thru a comment that you left over at Andrea's blog and thought that I would stop by and say hello. Congrats on your mustang! He is beautiful! What herd and state is he from? Good luck with the sorrel too if you adopt him. :) I have two mustangs that I adopted in 06 and it was one of those things where you meet them and you can't stop thinking about either of them and so they both came home with me. Anyway, I love your blog and all the photos!