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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Echo relaxes and Wildairo learns a lesson.

When I hold a carrot tight Echo has to eat it like this. Sometimes I hold the carrot right up to my face and blow in his nose as he eats it. He's fine as long as I don't try to touch him.


Today I just sat and talked to Echo feeding him some grain and carrots. He was very relaxed and happy.


I finally trained Wildairo not to kick and bite the gate. Every time he did it I threw a small rock at his legs, hopefully hitting the gate and making a noise as I yelled, "NO"! After awhile all I had to do was say no and he'd stop. I noticed later on he almost bit the fence and remembered just in time and he'd give me a quick look to see if I noticed what he almost did. He's very likable.

Wildairo and Foxsun must have had a fight the other night. I noticed they were getting along really well the day before, they'd eat out the same bucket even. Then in the morning Brad noticed Foxsun was eating out of the bucket and Wildairo was too scared to go near it. Later that day I saw Fox chasing Wildairo, so I turned Foxsun back out with the cattle. I noticed some scrapes on Wildairo hind end and face. Nothing at all serious. It seems old Foxsun had to take the young lad to the wood shed. I wonder what Wildairo did to deserve that?


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! It will all come together. Just keep doing what you do. But more importantly...have fun. :) Once again, welcome back. I was having some withdraws while you were in OK.

Cheryl Ann said...

Our abused thoroughbred, Gigondas, FINALLY lets me brush her all over AND she will stand still! It has taken us 2 years to be able to do this! I take her apple slices and hand feed her. She is very gentle and hasn't bitten my fingers yet!

Cheryl Ann said...

When I first got Sunni, I used to just sit outside his corral and read a book! He would sniff my shoes and he even untied my shoelaces!

arlene said...

Thanks everyone for your encouragment and kind words.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the Extreme Mustang Challenge, and I have to hurry up and get Echo trained. Really though, I just enjoy being near him and if it wasn't for the fact he has to be halter broke for the farrier and vet, I'd just be happy having him around to look at for the rest of his life.
I will try to have fun with these mustangs and not try to stress myself out so much trying to get them trained too quick.