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Friday, September 19, 2008

Spring in September.

My long awaited Rhode Island Red pullet (girl) chicks arrived Friday from Murray McMurry hatchery in Iowa. I enjoy have my own laying hens roaming the place because not only do they provided good eggs but keep the snakes away for some reason.

Bobby inspected her new charges carefully. Her job is to scare away hawks, eagles and low flying planes because you never know when a hen can look like a tasty treat to some big bird or the local crop duster.


Bobby approves. Mmmm, new chick smell.


Bobby is wet because she's just been given a bath by William using my 'good' shampoo.

The hatchery includes a free rare exotic chick with the order. I was trying to figure out what kind of a bird it is and William said he thought it was an owl! I laughed at first but then I got to thinking, it would really bring them a lot of return business if they sent an owl out with the chicks. Ha ha. I'm going to miss William when he returns to CWU tomorrow.

Here is the mystery chick. We call her 'Jet Lag' because it took her while to recover from her flight from Iowa.


I had to get 25 chicks because that was the minimum order. I only want ten so Brad is going to give some away on Monday.

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