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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This woman disgusts me.


I hate Sarah Palin on so many levels.

Have you watched the ad being run by the Defenders of Wildlife that shows her plan in action as they shoot Alaskan wolves from helicopters? I cannot because I'm too sensitive to witness such evil, yet Sarah Palin championed the cruel death of those beautiful wild creatures.

Already the Republicans who are on the cattleman's side are wanting to treat our Mustangs as vermin. Republican Jack Kempthorne is the Secretary of interior and has a long track record of putting mining, lumber, cattle etc, before the environment, (they turned that into a cuss word), the wild horses among other things. I'm afraid the Todd and Sarah Palin administration would make the biggest anti-wildlife and wild horse hater Cathy McMorris Rodgers Secretary of the Interior.

Don't believe the nonsense about it would be kinder to kill our Mustangs then managing them properly. People who say that make me want to vomit.

What chance will America's wild horses have when she becomes president? Keep in mind, McCain is an 72 and has been diagnosed with cancer four times!

Besides being completely evil to wild animals she's ignorant and vindictive and an irresponsible mother. As a woman who's not only intelligent and kind heart but a excellent mother I'm insulted this awful human being as been selected by McCain to lure women into voting for him. I'm ashamed to be the same species as her let alone the same gender! How stupid does he think we are? I'm truly insulted!

She's stabbed everyone who has ever helped her get employment and into public office in the back. The intellectuals in the Republican part are getting very concerned.

Her husband, Todd Palin is on record saying Alaskan families are not American families! They were members of Alaskan Independence Party. They wanted Alaska to be independent from the United States! I'm not sure but that could be treason or something.

If you love your country and want peace and prosperity, don't vote for this ticket. I'm afraid of the worldwide bloodbath if McCain wins.

Local Alaskan dog's reaction when hearing about what Sarah Palin is doing to his wild brothers.

I write this on behalf of my two mustang boys and all the animals who have brought such joy and comfort into my life.


Cheryl Ann said...

I AGREE WITH YOU 100%!!!! The thought of HER becoming president is indeed frightening. She has that "lean and hungry" look!!! The wolves will go, the bighorn sheep will go, the buffalo will go...the west will go. No telling how many species will vanish under HER administration. Did you hear the slip? "The Palin-McCain administration", she said this week! OOPS! What an ego!

restoration42 said...

Can't even find the words to describe how vile I find her. She is a dangerous woman driven by ambition disguised as patriotic fervor with veins of religious fanaticism. I have the exact photo, or its cousin, on my blog.