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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blame it on Canada.

The Canadians have a big forest fire in the Kelowna British Columbia area. I know it's a bad one because even though we're over 200 miles south of them we had the smoke here on Thursday night.


Kelowna is in the Okanagan Valley and the smoke travels south down the valley and makes it's way into our Crab Creek valley. It got so smokey it was hard to believe the source was so far away. It was enough to make us say things in our very best Canadian accents "Put out the fires, aye". I love the way they say 'out'. I'm British so I don't have an accent, very one else does, lol.

Echo is being a little darling and ready for his halter. We have been working on our invisible halter training again. I walk beside him and tell him to come and he follows my hand. He's just trying to bump it for a carrot but also he gets "good boy" as a reward and that makes him very happy.

Echo reasoned that when he 'bumps up' he can get a carrot and so he thought what would happen if he just kept bumping repeatedly even though he already had carrots in his mouth? One pound of baby carrots later Echo had his answer. I was sitting in my lawn chair at the time. Echo loves it when I'm in my chair because I'm really little and low to the ground. He did that thing again where he mauls my knee caps with his top lip and it drives me crazy. I have very ticklish knees.

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