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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The gate fright.

Saturday morning Wildairo was turned out and I forgot about him for hours. This is a good thing because I have been nervous about him being out, unable to relax and constantly looking for him with binoculars.

It was about mid afternoon when I remembered he was out so William, who's home for the weekend, and I went to put him away. Wildairo was already in. He was fast asleep next to the corral fence with Echo the other side of it. He gave William a very cheery greeting.

I went to check their water and that's when I had a bit of a shock. The gate between the two mustangs was open! It's the gate here on the right.

It's a very good sturdy gate. You have to slide these bolts in on this handle and it becomes securely locked. The two mustangs like to visit through this gate and Wildairo enjoys having a good old bum scratch on it.

I'm not going to name names, but some farmer didn't close it properly. I rarely use the gate because it's difficult to open and close so I go around. Wildairo must have pushed it till it hit the open gate the other side, which barely keeps it from coming all the way open. All it would have taken it Echo leaning on the gate his side and pushing it about half an inch and the two horses could have together with the powder river pasture gate wide open!

The gate between the pastures closed but they would have still have had about 40 acres of sage brush, rocks, hills and electric/barbed wire fence to have a little Beaty's Butte reunion gallop and maybe a play fight. See pictures to the left, lol. I think they are both very fence savvy and incredibly intelligent when it comes to self preservation but still the two of them together...........

Echo was very pleased to see William. He hadn't seen him for ages. I gave Will some carrots to give him.

Yes, that's what Echo looks like when he's happy to see someone. If he wasn't happy I couldn't have got him in the same picture!


Echo's little games are going to come to a swift end soon. Plans are in the works.


William got Echo to do some bump ups for his carrots. He's so cute it's going to be kind of sad to tear his wild horse card out of his hot little hooves, but someones got to do.

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Linda said...

I wonder what would have happened....would have been an interesting story!