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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm mad! But should I be?

With great excitement I went to see how the online bidding was going for the latest BLM Mustang adoption. I went straight to my boy Banjo to see if he was getting a home. And I saw someone had a bid on him. OK I thought, so I won't feel the temptation to bid on him now. Then I went to see how some other horses were doing as far as getting homes. I kept seeing the same bidder bidding on them!!!!! So I went through the horses...the site crashed just after I got done with the Burns horses and into the first horses at Palomino Valley. The bidder had bid on seven different horses! I wasn't even half way through. The limit you can adopt is four in one year, right? The winning bidder can refuse the horse. They called me up and asked me if I wanted lol.

So this person is just putting bids on, jacking up the price and then is going to pick their favorite and or cheapest at the end. People like me (maybe there are no others ???) don't bid on a horse because we are just happy he found a home, but in the end he didn't!

This seems wrong to me. Opinions welcome.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

They've had some trouble with this in the past, but I don't remember the details...

I can kind of understand, if there are several you like, and you're not sure you'll win, you want to bid on your 2nd and 3rd (and 7th?) choices just in case. It can get kind of hairy at the end. But it is sad for the horses that don't end up adopted after all.

If there's one you really like and you're ready to commit, you can call and ask them to let you know if the other bidder(s) refuse the horse.

I have a few I'm keeping an eye on. Well, okay, so I'm kind of watching all the Burns horses, but my favorites did get bid on today. I hope they all get good homes.

Kara said...

I think it is wrong...when I was approved to bid on Kachina and Griffin (so for 2 horses), they told me I could bid on 1 more than I was approved for, so 3 total, then if I'd won all three, I'd get to I really don't think that it was okay for that person to bid on more than 5! I'm sure the BLM will catch it and dispose of this person, although that's putting a lot of faith there...

arlene said...

My problem is I'm not in the market for another horse but I thought if he was unwanted I'd consider giving him a home.

If I hadn't of noticed the same bidder was bidding on many, I'd have thought this horse was going to a home. I just wonder how many people don't bid because they think the horse is spoken for or they don't want to be in a bidding battle or end up paying too much.. maybe thinking the other guy has deep pockets.

The guy bidding on Echo disappeared when the site crashed, so I ended up the only bidder on him.

I do have an itchy bidding finger right now though. lol. Banjo Boy is in PV so I probably couldn't get him anyway.

Linda said...

I never thought of that. How sad! Good thing you're getting the word out for potential adopters. Maybe we should all make mention of it on our blogs!!! Keep them bidding!!