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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Mustang bond.

After Wildairo had his nice romp we put him away for the afternoon and let him out again in the evening. On his second outing he didn't race around but had a look around to see what was growing out there. The cattle had everything pretty much eaten down so there was only some weeds for him to eat. It has been two years since he grazed so he decided to eat everything while he had the chance.

Brad and I sat on some rocks further away from the corrals and after a little while he came to join us. I gave him a bran muffin. He loves his bran muffins.

We went for a walk along the pasture road even further away from the corrals. After awhile he caught up with us and fell in behind us like he's been going for walks with humans his whole life. I was so pleased he wanted to come with us instead of hanging around the corrals with the two other horses. But he's just a young mustang and after awhile he started meandering all over the trail, cutting right in front of me and everything. Here he is stopping in front of Brad. He didn't get the concept of just following the trail. I remember Foxsun was like that when I rode him when he was a very green three year old. I'd have to steer him all the time or he'd wander off the trail.

Wow, he LIKES us. I know there are some people (she who's name we don't mention) who scoff at the thought of a horse liking you. I'm a big believer in having my horse like me. And when they like you they let you know.

Mustangs have reinforced in me that there is a lot more to owning a horse than just feeding him and riding him. When you adopt a mustang you have to get inside his heart and head and it's so rewarding. Our mustangs won't let anyone near them but us and although it's a real nuisance, to say the least, it is a great compliment. It's like their saying that they have been treated bad by humans and don't trust them as a species, but we're different and have earned their trust. One day though the boys will be OK around all people.

When we got back Wildairo stayed close to the corrals grazing and we spent some time with Echo and Foxsun, who really like each other. To get him in instead of going to him and leading him in I shook a grain bucket and he came in a cloud of dust. I wanted him to think it was his idea to come back in. In twenty one years I have never let Foxsun know he can out run me, lol.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

Arlene, Of course Wildairo likes you. Our horses love us, except Rusty does not like me, Pepper and Raven argue over who can get closest to us.

Linda said...

I love that he has so much freedom at your place. It's the next best thing to living out in the wild. I envy you. :) You need to give us your bran muffin recipe!!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, thank yo so much for your recent comment. I really loved that special moment when Gus was drinking from my hand...its the little things, right? ha. Your photos are wonderful, its always amazing to see them gallop and be happy and "free". Have a wonderful night out there...Eric

arlene said...

Those are store bought muffins. I'm not such a good cook. I try to get four muffins every week at Safeway. Wildairo is the only horse that eats them...he'll eat anything.