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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wildairo has become a civilian.

Wildairo's title came in the mail. That means he is no longer a government owned horse. He belongs to me now and to celebrate I turned him loose again. He started foraging immediately so I left him alone and went home. Soon as I got home I noticed a big dust cloud in the general area of where he was, so I went back to check him. It seems like Wildairo doesn't like being left alone and I had to stay within sight of him to settle him down.

He wanted to stay close.

I was up on some rocks and he wanted to join me.

But he didn't know how....

When he started grazing again I went to work with Echo and after awhile, when Wildairo wasn't looking, I went home. He was very easy to get in again. He comes on the run.

Shortly after I got home the light outside became very strange.

See the sky has turned brown? That's dust.

Andy and Max know something big is happening.

Max looks up at the thunder.

The wind and the dust hit.. that's Montie in the dust... she's not very bright.

The light is changing. Montie barks at the thunder and dust.

The sun through the dust.

Then it rains.

And Montie is still barking.


Cheryl Ann said...

Beautiful afternoon light photos! I LOVE that yellow color.

Linda said...

Those are some GORGEOUS photos you got there. We were driving home from Walla Walla to Spokane last week and the dust came over the fields--looked like smoke from a fire--but it was dust. It completely blacked out the freeway. We had kept driving, but all of a sudden we couldn't see an inch in front of us and others couldn't either and some were driving fast!! Then it cleared just enough to see and crawled out of it. I'd NEVER seen anything like it.

Wildairo sure is good looking. As you know, Beautiful's papers came, too. Such a different feeling.

arlene said...

Thank you Cheryl. The light was very eerie.

Linda, I was uneasy having a horse that belonged to the government. I'll be so glad when Echo's title is here as well.

I've seen some terrible dust storms here. On the rural roads the dust will blow across the road and you can't tell what is road and what is field. It's dangerous to stop and dangerous to drive! I smelled smoke during the dusty part of the storm and that was scary.

Wildairo's ground manners are not very good get. He's a pushy horse and needs some work on that. He wants to be a good boy though and that really helps.

Unknown said...

Ahh, WildBoy and cats how lovely... shit that dog is dumb!!