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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dandylyons breaks Foxsun's heart.

It's been the buzz all over the ranch....Dandylyons (18 yr old cow who's the 'old cow' wife of Foxsun, a 23 yr old horse).....has been seen carrying on with the bull (who happens to be a yearling)!

Foxsun saw them yesterday.....

Last night I was weeding in the garden and Foxsun was hanging out near by under the oak tree. After awhile he walked off... I thought back to the corrals. A little while later Brad went over to put him away for the night and I could hear him calling Fox repeatedly ..not a good sign at all. I hopped in my jeep and went to see what was up.

Poor Fox, he must have been overwhelmed with grief or something because he didn't stop at the corrals, he kept walking all the way to the county road. Maybe he had plans to throw himself under a bus, but there was no traffic, so he did a poop in the middle of the road, turned around and walked back home. Brad got to the top of the hill and witnessed Foxsun's little rebellion..breakdown...prank...we'll never know.

But he'll never do it again because there's electric tape/wire across the road now.

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Kara said...

Oh, poor Foxsun!