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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I think Wildairo is jealous.

I spend a lot of time sitting with Echo, talking to him in a soft voice like I did with Wildairo when he was a new boy. Wildairo cannot understand what's going on and he's upset and puzzled because he thinks I'm telling him to come to me and offering him carrots while my back is turned away from him. He is behind a gate about 10 feet away and he pounds his feet on the gate to get my attention. It's very distracting and is slowing down progress with Echo.

I have been cleaning up his old corral to put him back in there for awhile. He'll still be close but there will be a wooden fence for him to pound on and it won't be so annoying. I have tried every thing I know to stop him from using his front hooves to get attention. I wait for him to do it then smack the offending leg with the bamboo pole while shouting at him. It works for awhile but then he hears me talking to Echo and it sets him off again. Being smacked with the pole doesn't bother him at all, he doesn't move, but he doesn't like me shouting at him. Wildairo is a different kind of horse alright.

Special Notice:

The Lincoln County Fair is this weekend and there's going to be a special presentation scheduled at 11am Saturday by Dusty Roller. Dusty, and his wife Cindy, own Diamond D Quarter Horses and Training in Davenport. Dusty has been selected as one of 200 trainers in the U.S. to train a wild Mustang in 100 days for 'The Extreme Mustang Makeover' in Fort Worth, Texas. He'll have his Mustang at the fair and will be demonstrating his skills. I hope to attend because I'm considering using a professional trainer when the boys are ready to trained next year (or the year after).

I have 'trained' Echo to eat baby carrots so far!

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Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Tonka is a gate knocker too. Only at feeding time when he's in a certain pasture with good gates to bump. It's very annoying. If you ever find the solution, let me know!