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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lincoln Co. fair & moving Echo.

The Lincoln County Fair was fun. This is an huge Ox that belongs to Bullwackin' Kass.


We met Lea of 'Lea and her Mustangs blog'. We had a very nice visit. We were very impressed with Dusty Roller and the Mustang he has been training for the 2008 Extreme Mustang Makeover. The Mustang's name is Telford and Dusty has had him since June. It's incredible what he can do with him. He's an excellent trainer and Telford is as easy going as a horse can ever be.


He has started to trained Telford to lie down, but at the demonstration, once down, Telford fell asleep and Dusty had a bit of a time getting him back up. The audience loved it.


Dusty can jump Telford with or without a bridle while cracking a bullwhip over his head. It was very impressive. Telford is 4 years old and spent 2 years in the BLM corrals at Litchfield, California. Dusty picked him up at the Palomino Valley corrals in Nevada.


Dusty said Telford was the easiest horse to start this year. I really hope Dusty will be able to train our boys next year because he's awesome with horses. I'm not sure if I want to get into standing on the saddle while cracking a bullwhip though. Heck, who knows though, it might come in handy around here.

I moved Echo Taffy to a bigger corral after we got home from the fair. Echo didn't want to leave his small pen and it took ages for him to come out. I had to keep walking up to him, turning around and walking out of the pen. Finally he followed me to his new pen. I kept telling him we were going 'walkies'. He walks up to me for carrots and lets me stroke his face but he starts snorting and getting fearful if anyone else comes in the corral. I was working with Echo perfecting his carrot eating technique, and in the other corral William and Brad were with Wildairo practising for his big day tomorrow. Wildairo considers Brad his drinking buddy because he and Brad share an evening beer now. Thing's have really gone in the gutter around here! Brad and Wildairo have quiet a bond. Brad also feeds Wildairo peaches!!

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