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Friday, August 8, 2008

Operation Incognito

Yesterday William and I went in disguise to visit Wildairo. William had his shirt pulled up over his head and I wore a huge straw hat and walked like low to the ground like an ape. We didn't say anything so he wouldn't recognize our voices. I opened his gate and expected him to at least snort about a bit, but he walked away from him beloved 'big bucket' and right up to us.

Operation incognito was a bust. I thought he'd snort about and I'd say a few kind words and he's start to understand that he's OK no matter what people look like. I guess we'll have to round up some real strangers.

William recalled when Wildairo spotted the farrier his eyes came out on stalks like a cartoon horse. That's just what he looked like! William made another observation; even though Wildairo was scared out of his wits, he ate every baby carrot the farrier gave him before freaking out. The farrier would give him the carrots, he'd eat them and then panic and run away. I'd bring him back and the farrier would give him some more carrots which he gobbled down, then he'd freak again.

Wildairo would walk through the gates of hell for food. I twirled the big straw hat on my hand and he watched very entertained but keeping his distance. He jumped a tiny bit when I touched his nose with it, but then I dropped a carrot inside it and right behind that carrot was Wildario's lips to grab it. He was frightened of the hat but not enough to ignore the carrots.

When we were talking to the farrier right before he left, Wildairo stood there with us staring at him as he munched and slobbered his apple. He dropped a chunk and that's the only time he took his eyes off the stranger and it was to pick his bit of apple out of the dirt. He watches those carrots like a hawk and if I drop one he'll pick it right up. I gave a baby calf one the other day and Wildairo stomped his foot in protest.

He's a greedy little Mustang. He got fed six times Sunday because every time he saw one of us he'd pretend like he was really hungry. Every week I buy him a 2 pound bag of baby carrots, 7 apples and a few bran muffins from Safeway. I'm not giving him grain because the hay this year is really good. I also pick him handfuls of grass or dandelion leaves in the meadow. When Foxsun is in with the herd, I give him have some of the carrots and he loves them too. He won't eat baked goods though. Wildairo will try anything.

Another thing I thought was odd about Wildairo's encounter with the farrier, he never threatened him. As I've mentioned before, Wildairo was very aggressive when he first came here and wanted me to know he could defend himself if I tried anything funny. He's a very amusing horse and I hope the new Mustang will be as much fun.


Linda said...

That's HILARIOUS that he eats when he's scared. CRAZY boy!!!

arlene said...

When he first arrived here he was sweating and really stressed out and I stood by the fence eating a apple. He came over to me and licked it. He knew it was something edible because I was munching on it.